Today I Saw a Body Break (NaPoWriMo #4)

Today I saw a body break.

For a while I was able to handle it.
It was only a little ridiculous.
But I’ve been there.
Wishing I was someone else
or somewhere else.

I’ve been there,
climbing up the ladder pushing other people down.
I was tired of being part of the feet,
no one wants to be walked on.
But when I left
we stopped moving.

I watched the kneecap try to climb to be the shoulderblade,
but the leg begged it to stay,
so it compromised for sliding to the side
and the leg bent the wrong way anyway.

The blood cells wanted to be skin cells
and the skin cells wanted to be fat
(no idea why).

But it was when the right arm
decided to be the left arm
that I couldn’t take it anymore.

I grieve death-bringing things,
but when death becomes arbitrary,
I die.

Today I saw a body break,
and I broke with it.

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