“Evan Dunn is poetic anomaly disguised as righteous indignation feeding visceral vapors of brimstone beauty to the guts of hungry souls. His words are ninja voodoo witness to hope’s eviscerating power of metamorphosis. Syrupy oceans of hazardous goodness floating hearts on waves of winsome synaptic ovation. He was improperly schooled in the cauldron of broken truth and unreachable beauty. You’ll find him spinning sorrow into gold over good wine and unleavened bread, remembering.” – Phil Long, Liar Lunatic, Founder of Sacrificial Poet Project

Evan Dunn is native to the Seattle area (Redmond, to be exact). He currently lives in Seattle with his wife (she blogs at Grey Matter of Opinion). When he is not writing, performing, teaching, or thinking about poetry, Evan spends his leisure time working as a social media manager / blogger / web designer / content marketer. He also thinks someone should come up with a succinct job title for that.

Previously, Evan worked with middle and high school youth in an educational dating violence prevention program. Just before that, he graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Linguistics, which he has clearly put to good use. (Ha).

Evan works with the Sacrificial Poet Project, a collaborative organization dedicated to creating faith conversations through Spoken Word poetry.

The purpose of Evan’s poetry is manifold, but it stems from things he cares about most. Evan is passionate about humility, justice, respect — especially whenever those intersect with violence against women. He thinks faith is reasonable, and reason is for the faithful.

The Beginning

Evan began writing in 7th grade. He really doesn’t want to show you his first poem. When he went to college, he discovered slam poetry at a Shabbat service at a local synagogue. (He’s told it was not a typical occurrence). He fell in love with the powerful expression that seemed so easily accessible within the genre.

His first attempt at slam / Spoken Word was at a talent show at the house he lived in his Freshman year. Then another talent show. Then an open mic. Then a bunch of open mics. Soon he was off to the Seattle Poetry Slam, to see what real poetry slams were all about.

Now he’s here, honing skills and having fun.


Check back for updates, as this site is a baby and has a long way to grow.

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A little about me:
I live in Seattle with my wife. I work as a web designer & admin / social media manager. I write about what I am passionate about: humility, justice, selflessness, rhetoric, and brokenness.
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